This postcard goes with me everywhere

It makes me feel better when I am homesick. It shows how South Africa really is a world in one country.  I use it as a bookmark for whatever I happen to be reading.

I grew up in Port Elizabeth/Port Alfred – dolphin, surfing, and pineapple country!

By Caty Leclezio

Categories: Personal, Southern Africa

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  1. You know, I couldn’t agree more, particularly the worrying bit? I still do it but I try to tell myself that there is no point in worrying about what’s already happened, nor indeed about what might happen. I do get a bit maudlin for the old days, perhaps because I enjoyed them so much, but probably more so because getting older is no joy. Where on earth have all the years gone, and so quickly?

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  2. Do you find you yearn for the old days? Looking at an old photo you are looking at what was and it was that that makes you happy. I have to confess that I am much happier looking back to what I remember rather than looking to what is to come. Maybe it’s because I don’t like getting older, I don’t know.

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    • I find looking back makes me very nostalgic. Especially as I am growing older. I wish I had appreciated what was more than I did at the time. You spend so much of your life worrying about things that you didn’t have to worry about!


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