Secret Wood rings

I really love Secret Wood rings, and their website is one of my most frequently visited. I enjoy wandering around the site because these rings are so detailed and unusual, plus the ones with snow glow in the dark! These works of art are more than just jewellery.

My saving grace is that I cannot choose between them. I like the waterfall, aurora borealis, and snowy ones the most, but choosing between them is just too difficult. Plus, once I started, I would end up with a collection and we all know I don’t need another one of those!

The site is really great – easy to navigate and find information, uncluttered, with a clean design that places their rings in focus. The description of each ring is very detailed and there are gorgeous photographs taken from each angle.  Most of the rings have videos included as part of the description. You also get to see your exact ring before it is shipped, so that you can approve of it beforehand. Each ring is shipped in a gorgeous wooden box.

I cannot say enough how much I like this site. The simple design really showcases the rings, it is easy to find information on shipping and returns, the descriptions and photographs are detailed, there are videos of most of the rings and relevant customer testimonials and photographs come up when you click on each ring. The sizing information is detailed in US sizes as well as mm so it is easy to find your size (I buy many rings and most users just give the US size). They also do all sizes which is great for me as I have tiny fingers and many ring designers do not run that small. The only tiny niggle I have is that the logo is very reminiscent of that of The Body Shop.

All these photographs come from Secret Wood’s website. My favourite section is the ‘Reviews‘ one, where you can see these beauties in real life, and not just from sales shots. They really are just as lovely on as they are on the site. Secret Wood is also very active (and interactive) on social media, which I think really showcases their work and their pride in what they do. The rings range from $90 to $12o in price.

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  1. Need a link to buy, please send thank you.

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  1. Secret Wood Azure Falls ring – Janet Carr @

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