Siberia Handcrafted Wood Resin Rings

Isn’t this Siberia™ – Handcrafted Wood Resin Ring beautiful? I bought one from Faraday Science Shop Store. I have been ogling pictures of them for ages but they have never been in stock. Today they went up for sale and I pounced!

I have not received it yet but I can say that Faraday’s terms and conditions are excellent – great prices, free shipping and free returns plus a 10% discount when you order. I ordered the wrong size and they cancelled it within minutes, confirmed the cancellation with a friendly personal email and then I received a welcome email from the company founder.

I cannot speak to the quality of the ring (but will review when it arrives) but the service has been outstanding.

You can also find similar rings very cheaply from wholesale sellers (Google search for resin and wood rings) or places such as Secret Wood which offer the ones below – much higher prices, longer delivery times and expensive shipping, but you can see and approve your exact ring before they ship it. They also have lovely descriptions of the type of ring and landscape in each one and the names are gorgeous!

Secret Wood specializes in hand crafted rings that have been designed and made in Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded in 2015, our goal is to encapsulate tiny secret worlds at your fingertips. Using jewellery resin and fine woods, our craftsmen create unique wearable experiences.

The description of Waltz of the Winds is thus:

Almost imperceptible yet inescapable. The world and the wind waltz round us like lively lovers in whirly wonderland.This ring is made of light blue and white resin. The base is sapele wood, a strong tree native to tropical Africa.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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