The movie ‘Sully’, and Tom Hanks

First thing that springs to mind is….


Seriously though, Tom Hanks is probably my favourite actor after Morgan Freeman. He has played such a variety of roles brilliantly, and always seems so humble. Which makes it fitting that he should play someone else who is brilliant at their job, and very humble. With a kind face and eyes.


The story of Cactus (US Airways’ callsign) 1549 has interested me since it happened, because I have read analyses of Sullenberger’s actions  in the context of what emergency teams can learn from second to second decision-making prowess. Incredibly, Sully made in the neighbourhood of 200 life-or-dealth decisions in the 208 seconds the flight lasted. Without losing his cool. And through them he saved all 155 souls on board and who knows how many people down on the ground who would have been killed if the plane had crashed in New York city.

Sully and Tom. Photo by Dave Allocca

There are also really good documentaries on this flight on YouTube. I recommend this one.

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  1. Hoping to see this film this coming weekend or Monday, it’s out locally and in English too. It is quite an incredible story. Listening to the radio exchanges makes the hairs on my neck tingle every time I’ve heard it.

    1. There is a video on YouTube of everyone he saved and their families thanking him one by one. Wives thanking him for not making them widows, one man whose brother died as a firefighter in 9/11 thanking him on behalf of a family who could not lose a second son. I got all teary-eyed!

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