Atelier Philippe Gold Barenia and Dark Blue Box Calf TNs


The gold one is coming to me (evil cackle!) from Jerome Philippe (of Atelier Philippe on Etsy) . I don’t need it and I have no specific use for it at the moment but it is so beautiful and it is Barenia leather, which I have always lusted after. The nice things about these covers is that you can quickly swap the contents between covers, meaning you never get bored.

It is handmade from start to finish and about 6 metres of thread go into the making of these covers. I always think that stitching just finishes off any leather goods.

Jerome’s prices and shipping costs are really reasonable. Find his Etsy shop here

My last Notebook cover in calf skin leather (gold brown color) for Janet Carr
This leather is well know under the name Barenia. It comes from one of the most famous tannery in France who supply all famous bags makers

Janet asked me to make a cover where she can be able to keep a large number of inserts.

We decided to go for a Regular size with a 2 inch spine and 8 elastics.

The spine has been reinforced with a piece of leather which prevent the cover to be distorded and stay in a good shape.

I then hand cut all the pieces, dyed the edges in black and start to assemble the cards slots and folders.
I glued and stitched the spine and made the holes for the elastics.
Then hand stitched the whole cover with some high end linen thread. 
Then i sanded the edges and applied some more dye. I waited the painy to be dry then sand it again and apply more dye until the result was correct.

I finally applied some bee wax to sealed the edges.

And the cover is ready to leave to Janet s home where I m sure it will be in good hands 🙂





Although I could have chosen this pocket constellation



And here is one in dark blue Box Calf

This cover is made with box calf skin leather in dark blue color. All edges are sanded and painted with several layers of quality paint.

• The cover in the pictures is a regular size with a 1.5 inch spine (300 x 220 mm opened)

• Leather thickness : around 1.6mm per layer ( I skived down the leather on the folders and card slots in order to get something not too bulky)







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