Leather Regular Size TN from Atelier Philipe on Etsy


This cover from Atelier Philippe on Etsy is a simple, light and really floppy leather with no visible elastics at all due to a simple plastic card inside. I really like the lack of external elastics but most of all I like that it means that my cover does not bend in my handbag.

Jerome Philippe sources his leather from, among others, famous French tannery HAAS, which has clients such as Hermès, Chanel, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta. He uses mainly Hermès offcuts.

When he has internal pockets on orange Hermès leather I am there like a bear!




This cover went into heavy duty today – 10th October – because I have a HUGE, extremely complicated, translation-mentoring assignment of 480 hours to complete by January 9th, 2017. It will involve not only translation (302 very verbose pages) but rewriting, and in addition I have to coach the people who will be using it.

In addition, at the same time, I have a regular job teaching and translating for another company. Both companies know about each other, because this is the fourth year in a row that I have done this. This is, however, the most ambitious and complicated project I have ever worked on.

So for me it is very important to keep a full record of how many hours I work on this translation each day and when I do it. I normally use Google Sheets for this type of work because my client can instantly access it as well, but I don’t work well in electronic format. I would rather keep all my notes on paper and carry them with me.

I do several different types of work for this company and different work comes from different budgets so I need to keep pretty good records anyway.

I have always kept everything in the same place but to be honest having everything in my Van Der Spek organiser was becoming too confusing.

About six months ago I separated personal and business (business and wallet in my VDS ring binder, and personal in a traveler’s notebook) which calmed things down a lot, but this huge project needs its own notebook.

This cover is nice and light and I have only two books in it which is perfect. One is a Midori vertical week on two pages calendar (these come in two booklets with 6 months per booklet so it is not thick or heavy), which will be used to record my hours and scheduling, and a Midori lightweight paper notebook for my notes.

I may at some stage add a Kraft folder or a plastic pouch but at this stage I need something simple and I don’t want to over-complicate things.

I like the plastic elastic holder in this one because it keeps the floppy leather stable and there are no external elastics. It does not bend in my bag as other thin books would. It looks so nice and professional on a conference table, I can tell you.

This leather is available in many other colours.


And look at this new type of clasp!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Great blog about Jerome. I own two of his standard sized zipped TN inserts and they have not failed me. One is going on two years and shows wonderful signs of loved aging. The stitching and zipper are still functioning as new.

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