Van Der Spek red LV cover after months of heavy use

Here is my beautiful VDS ‘LV’ personal sized binder with 30mm gold rings and full length back pocket after months of heavy use.

When I say heavy I mean it goes in and out of my handbag about 18 times a day – for bookings, notes, scheduling, meetings, and also every time I need to pay for something or use my travel card on public transport.

It is never far from me….or my cats.


I have an older cat who likes to scratch and chew AND a kitten who teethed on it and has sharpened his claws on it. Not a mark. Literally not a scratch on it. I always bellow at them when they get hold of it, but anyone who knows cats know that they try their luck when you are not looking.

It has softened up nicely so that it hugs the contents and this is good because I use the big back pocket quite a lot so it closes easily around even bumpy contents.

It feels so nice and squashy once you have used it for a week or so. I love the way it feels. So softy and pliable and textured.

There is no colour loss anywhere and it quite literally does not have a mark on it. Not one.

I fell in love with this leather when I saw it at VDS in 2014. But then I found Janet Leather. However, this leather stayed in my mind and I knew quantities were limited, so when I had funds, I invested. And I really really love it.


The leather supplier maintained that this was Louis Vuitton Epi leather offcuts that had an extra hatch added to it to ‘nullify’ it.

Of course one can never be sure, but it sure looks like it.




Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I so love the red of that planner!
    I’m not sure it is the LV Epi leather (even with the extra hatch) as the stripes are much darker and not exactly the same shape. But anyway being or not the leather LV use is not an issue. That leather stands for what it is and it it’s lovely!

    1. I really love this binder. I am not usually one for colours or textures but I am so glad I have this. It makes me happy every time I haul it out of my bag! As you say, it stands for what it is. I wish Petra would make tote bags in this leather. I would buy one immediately for all my papers and books.

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