SpeckledFawns Snickerdoodles in personal and A5 size


These come from Terri at SpeckledFawns on Etsy. The smoother one is my older one which is about six months old, and the newer one has just arrived.

I always request as thick, stiff and pebbly leather as possible. And if I find something I like it I tend to use the hell out of it, and this leather will age and patina beautifully. It does mark and it does scuff but it blends in and most of them can be rubbed out.

It is probably a bad habit, but I have learned the hard way with wallets and shoes that if you find perfect ones, by the time they wear out you can never find them, again so I often buy multiple sizes in the same leather if I have used it for a number of months and love it. I have an old A5 leather cover from 1987 that has been restitched numerous times but is on its last legs and I am heartbroken. I wish I had bought a second one at the time. I am still trying to find a worthy replacement.

I usually put my own elastics on new covers and these have a ‘watermelon’ theme with lime green and grapefruit pink. The elastics come from Cordshoppe on Etsy. Sara is always lovely to deal with.

The insert booklets are, as usual, from YellowPaperHouse on Etsy. I tend to switch the same inserts between covers all the time. I usually use the neon ones but the bright ones you can see below are their new jewel tones, which I really like. I think maybe I will switch to those when I need new inserts.

Some of the photos below make these covers look like they are different sizes but it is a combination of  the camera angle and the number of inserts in them.

Terri’s TN covers are usually available with exterior pocket and interior credit card pockets, but because this leather is so thick, Snickerdoodles are only available with side pockets, as can be seen in the photos of the A5 below. It is 8 – 9oz leather and rather thick and heavy, compared to the Horween leather which is about 3 – 4 oz.

To the left is my older one and to the right the newer one. Look at those pebbles!







At the same time I received this absolutely stunning pebbly A5 but as you can see the spine and number of elastics is smaller than I usually use so this one is going back. But the pebbles!









And, as a parting shot, I give you my Regular size and personal size Snickerdoodles side by side


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Wonderful informative blog Janet. Love the comparison, Snicker Doodle has such a rich caramel color. Also your photos always make me want to make myself a shelf full of SD’s.
    Thank you

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