Cahier Sized SpeckledFawns Teal Horween TN in use

My Cahier-sized Teal Horween TN from SpeckledFawns on Etsy is at present in use for my client records.

This one has eight elastics, a 2″ stitched spine and an external pocket.

Each active client has a booklet. It contains their contact details, invoicing information, record of our hours, information about our meetings, reminders of things I have to do before each meeting (research I have to do, articles I have to find for them, exercises they need to do).

When I translate I have to keep quite detailed records. For a government authority for example, they have different accounts which need to be charged for different work. Some are per hour, others are per job. Whichever it is, I need to keep daily records of what I am busy with and how many hours I have used.


The external pocket makes a HUGE difference. It means I can stuff bits of paper and scribbled notes into a safe place without opening the cover.

Each night I take out the booklets I need for the following day. If it is a heavy day, the whole book comes with me. If it is a lighter day, the booklets go into a slimmer cover. I always have a ‘Miscellaneous’ booklet that holds general notes for myself.


Teal Notebooks from YellowPaperHouse on Etsy, held together with Midori elastics.


The teal inserts match the leather perfect.




I usually keep the brown elastics on the Teal because the rich warm tones go really well with the jewel-like glow of the Teal.




Parafernalia Linea 2mm Pencil. I have used these for several years now they are so nice to hold.

Parafernalia Linea 2mm pencil. I have used these for several years now they are so nice to hold. I use 2H lead because I am a leftie and if I use softer lead, my hand smears it.


I use a combination of lined, tiny grid and blank notebooks from YellowPaperHouse on Etsy. I am not showing any of the pages I have used because I have to sign confidentiality agreements.


In the plastic pockets I have stencils in green and blue, my pencils, spare leads and lead pointer.


Spare elastics (I use them for years, so after a lot of use they do tend to break) and Hobonichi stencils. I have two sets of my favourites because I tend to have a very messy desk when I work and I lose them.


Coordinating washi tape. I don’t often use washi but this is indispensable because all the booklets look the same, so I have one colour for each client. That way I can find all their notebooks easily. I put it on the edge of the notebooks and have an index at the front.


Here are three of my SpeckledFawns on my shelf. I restrung one of my covers with teal elastics and the other one with pink and brown.

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  1. These look amazing. So nice to see working ones, not just a shelf of pretty covers!

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  1. CIBADO teal Echo bag – Janet Carr @

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