Movies with Traveler’s Notebooks in them

As many people know, I maintain a list of movies featuring ring binders. I have now started one for movies featuring traveler’s notebooks.

Only three on the list so far, but I would appreciate it if you let me know in the comments, or tag me on Facebook if you see any more come up. With the increasing popularity and cool factor of these covers, I am sure there will be more!

Thank you to everyone who tags me or sends me these pics. And thank you to those who capture them!

Penny Dreadful
Batman vs Superman
Lois Lane in Batman vs Superman




Author: Janet Carr

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  1. This is a great article! I never realised that it was becoming mainstream or on the verge of becoming mainstream. I have shown a TN to the few people I meet around town (and I even show them to people who run stationery shops) but no one has heard about it or is as passionate as any of the people we meet in the TN groups… Shame!… I will keep both of my eyes peeled in case I see anything in the movies I watch and let you know. Thank you for doing this!

    1. I hope it doesn’t go like Moleskine, which is very mass market now. But it is such a cool concept that it is a real treat to see TNs out there, isn’t it?

      1. Yes, it definitely is. I have put Synchronicity in my list of movies to watch just for the TN (I had already watched the other movie/series you had mentioned before. I have some doubts that the concept of the TN is going to end up being like Moleskine. Moleskine is easy to get and use: you buy it, you open it and you use it, whereas for the TN, it’s different and it needs more customisation before you can even start to use it. Still very exciting to see it out there! 🙂

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