Edblad is one of my favourite Swedish brands because it is not expensive but is very good quality. They have a studio and an outlet near the Swedish Parliament (where I work) so I generally pop in for a scratch through the bargain bins if I have time.



There are also other Edblad stores in Stockholm (for example in Västermalmsgallerian), and Edblad is stocked by many other boutiques and department stores.

Here is some of my Edblad jewellery. As you can see I tend to go for rose gold and leather!

IMG_8685 (1)

I don’t often use textile bags but this Edblad one is one of my favourites. It comes from the Edblad outlet and only one was ever made. I am not sure why it did not go into general production because they sell similar ones in their stores.

This one folds over to form a satchel but if you have a lot to carry you can also flip it up and used it as a very deep bag. It has two sets of leather handles in black.

IMG_8695 (1)



IMG_8693 (1)

Edblad sells homeware,clothes, accessories, beauty products, jewellery.

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  1. I just checked out their website, that have some cool stuff!!! I saw a leather change purse and a shopper bag I would like to have. Do you think they ship to the US?

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  2. Cool looking bag 🙂

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