When did Gilmore Girls become so irritating?


When Gilmore Girls came out in 2000, I was a faithful viewer. I loved every episode. It was my favourite series of all time. I loved the quirky characters and the beautiful little town. I thought it was funny and quirky and romantic. I come from a small university town full of eccentric characters so maybe that resonated with me.

So when all seven seasons of Gilmour Girls went up on Netflix Sweden on 1 July this year, I was really excited. I love binge-watching series so that you can really get into them, inhabit their world and live with the characters. I couldn’t wait to watch!

Boy, what a disappointment. I am not sure whether it is because I am older now, or because it is the kind of series that gets to be too much if you watch it intensely, or if it has dated badly, or if they really were always this irritating and I didn’t notice. Or maybe the writers wanted to show you that despite the fact that Lorelei did not like her parents, she was exactly like them. Only far less mature

But Gilmore Girls? I have not enjoyed it at all. I think I have spoiled my fond memories of it by rewatching it because it is annoying me beyond belief. I keep watching more of it, hoping that it will improve but it is definitely not doing that for me. Everyone is just so unpleasant, self-absorbed, selfish, and inconsiderate. They have absolutely no consideration for anyone else. They are unspeakably nasty to each other and everyone seems so weak.

The only characters I like this time round are Lorelei’s father Richard Gilmour, and Luke Danes, the grumpy yet fantastically kind diner owner. They have their quirks but they are, at least, serious, responsible and marginally mature adults. Sookie the chef is ridiculous at times, but the wonderful Melissa McCarthy manages to pull it off and actually make you laugh. Her giggle is just so infectious. Kelli Bishop also does an amazing job of portraying Emily Gilmour.

The others? Nooooooo!

Michel – the rudest concierge out there. I cannot imagine how anyone thought that being constantly horrible to and about the guests (and everyone else) was in any way endearing or funny. I know he is French-Canadian and probably does sound like that but his French accent sounds so fake and that permanent sneer on his face makes me want to scream.

Taylor – childish, borderline corrupt and abuses his power as a so-called ‘pillar of the community’ to gain benefits for himself.

Miss Patty – if she was a man she would be condemned as creepy or paedophile.

Lane and her mother – words fail me

Sookie – supposed to be kooky and klutzy but comes across as childish, petulant and selfish, just like everyone else. The idea of her owning a business is ridiculous, the way she behaves towards guests and her friends.

Kirk – funny for about five episodes but then, not so much.

Paris – not funny at all. In what world does a pupil berate the headmaster of a top school? Or scream and shout at everyone with whom she comes into contact? She is completely and utterly unspeakably awful.

Lorelai – where do I start? Childish, petulant, inconsiderate, whiny, selfish, demanding, unreliable, rude, disrespectful, unspeakably awful to her parents who have done nothing except try to help her, albeit in a snobby way. I ask you – walking into a diner and asking people to leave so she can get a table? Throwing infantile tantrums every time poor Luke finds himself a girlfriend? Making stupid jokes at the most inappropriate moments? A 36 year-old woman going up to her father’s ex fiancé (in front of her own mother) and asking ‘are you my almost-mommy? Would you have given me a pony?’ I ask you! And her eating habits!!! Plus she lets her 15 year old survive on coffee and junk food. (oh my, I sound old!). And Rory is a miniature version of Lorelai….

I am now into season 4 and will probably not make it further than half way into this season before giving up. I am so disappointed because I really remembered this series with fondness. The only good thing is the fights. The fights are really really well-written – natural and with perfect emotion.

One thing I have wondered though is – why was there no town doctor?

I also never noticed Luke the first time round apart from the flannel shirts and backwards baseball cap. This time round I realised that a) he is actually gorgeous and b) he played ‘Spongeworthy Guy’ on my favourite ever episode of Seinfeld.

It does show for sure that sometimes you just cannot go back. On the plus side, series like Magnum P.I and Murder She Wrote are wonderful to rewatch.

Anyone else have any thoughts?


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I completely agree! I am watchijg the show on Netflix and it is indeed irritating! I agree with your thoughts 100 percent!

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear this! I used to enjoy the occasional episodes that I used to watch, so was looking forward to watching it from the beginning. I will have a watch & let you know 🙂

  3. Sharon, I agree with Janet. Please watch a few episodes!! So I was an avid fan as well. One Christmas about six years ago, my boyfriend bought me the full DVD set.. Packaged adorably in a box that reminds me of the carrying cases I had for my barbie dolls in the 60s/70s. I went thru the full series again binge watching but stopped right in the middle of the last season when I was moving four years ago. I havent watched since! It still runs on tv channels here, but I haven’t really watched. I am looking forward to the four episodes that are coming out… I’m with Buttercup, I’m half French so Michel has always bugged me. I always loved Jess and Luke.. Wasn’t the same after Jess left… But Lorelie’s house was my favorite.. I wanted that house when I was stuck in an apartment .. single mother myself!

  4. I’m stuck at home this week for medical reasons. So I finished the whole thing. It gets worse after S4. This Kirk guy is indeed annoying. Lorelai doesn’t mature. The writers don’t remember what happened 3 years beforehand, thus making no sense at all. I was excited for the new season. I’m not anymore. Why would they want to continue this show?

    But I agree, Luke Danes is very likable. He’s faithful and nice. I wonder what he sees in Lorelai. And Jess, I liked too.

    And I’m French, so I got really truly deeply sick of the French-bashing. Of course Michel has to be rude (rolls eyes). The writers make they say things that are untrue about France. And then a couple characters go to France and the hotel staff is horribly rude. Of fucking course.

    So yeah, quit while you can, and watch something else like Bron, or Archer, or Catastrophe. Anything really.

  5. I was planning on starting to binge watch this as soon as the political events in the UK calm down and I can tear myself away from constant news watching! I’ve never seen any episodes before, but now I think you’ve put me off for for the time being. I think I’ll wallow in a box set of Howard’s Way instead 🙂

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