SpeckledFawns SnickerDoodles Personal TN

…..with 8 elastics and sewn spine. I like this design for when I have lots of books because they all sit flush against the spine and along the front edges, and don’t fan out as inserts in a round-spine cover do. I have a Black Cherry Boulevard in the same style which I love.

The only difference between the BCB and this one is that there is no external pocket and a different internal pocket due to the thickness of the leather. I asked for the thickest, pebbliest leather that Terri had and I am so happy with it. This is real rugged rustic leather!

Terri from SpeckledFawns does really amazing work – I can recommend!










Sorry this one is a bit blurry!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Janet as always well written, especially the details on how you use this particular TN; and the photos look so good I forgot that I made this. 😀 I truly appreciate your kind words.

  2. I recently sent Terri a request for the pebbliest leather she had and she recommended the Snickerdoodle! Seeing this is making me even more excited for when I receive my beauty ❤️ this is perfect!!

  3. What do you plan to use such a big TN for? (this is my first post I’ve read so sorry if you have answered this already or don’t want to ask!) I am just getting started in TN planning 🙂

    1. I use these for my clients. One book for each client in which I record all their details and what I do with them (I am a teacher/translator). It’s small and light enough that I can carry it around with me. I tend to use covers that fit 12 – 14 booklets.

  4. Gorgeous looking leather! Do you have a CS in creme brulee? I wonder how they compare…

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