Glenda ‘Paddy’ Field Notes sized Traveler’s Notebook

This one was a kind, thoughtful, wonderful gift from Glenda after the death of my beloved 19-year old Paddy three weeks ago. I was utterly heartbroken.

Glenda, when she heard about my loss, made a cover out of her favourite Paddy photograph from my Facebook page as a surprise for me. This is one of my favourite photos of Paddy too. He loved Easter because he received an Easter egg filled with little toys and edible treats.

I was unbelievably moved by this unbelievably kind gesture. In fact, all the wishes and thoughts from my friends when he died really made all the difference to me. It honestly did make me feel better.

I have already set this one up with three Clairefontaine notebooks and it will go in my bag. I will think of Paddy and of Glenda every single time I use it. Glenda, you will never know what a difference your kindness made for me. You are a sweetheart!





Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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