List of insert suppliers for TNs and ring organisers

Many people have found my lists of TN and planner groups and organiser brands to be very useful resources.

I am now going to compile a list of inserts for traveler’s notebooks and ringed organisers in this post.

Please could you put the name of your favourite seller, their FB group or page or Etsy store in the comments below?  Of course if you are a seller, please give me the name of your shop with a link to it. I will add them to form a complete list of live links for you, which you can then bookmark. I will update periodically when I find or when people share new resources.

I will add the links as soon as I receive them in the comments.

If you have not commented on my blog before, I will have to approve your post, which will take a second. This extra step is to keep spammers away. Unfortunately they are a common pest!

Many of the sellers below also do unusual sizes (personal, A6, B6, B5 etc)


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  1. I’d love you to add my shop

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  2. From Italy 🇮🇹 CreaTina handmade and group fb “passione midori ..” 😘

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  3. Marsia Bramucci (etsy)

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  4. I am a seller too! 🙂 …. You can find my shop at

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  5. I am an avid fan of TN inserts from Buteo Bunker (Etsy)

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  6. hey Janet, i also have a question. i am looking for A6 notebooks soft cover (or a similar alternative) in wich u can use different kinds off mediums like paint, collage, inksprays, alcohol markers (copic), etc.
    i was wondering if you would also want to make a list with the products you find or used before since i don’t have a clue wich notebook can handle different mediums and layering. could you maybe add your personnel opinion off the products you used before?
    and what also would be interesting is to divide the products in low/medium/high price.
    this is not to criticize your work cause i am so gratefull for the work you do to help us out, they are just suggestions but in no mean i want to force you to do these suggestions. it is still your blog so you are to decide what you add in your posts!
    thank you so much for helping us in the planner world, cause there are so many products you get overwhelmd by it.

    xxx jolien


  7. Reblogged this on djohmf: my creative wonderworld!!! and commented:
    another list made by Janet Carr, this time with insert-suppliers for TN’s and ring-organizers. take a look, tell us wich inserts you like the most (with picture if possible) and tell us why you like them so much!

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  8. Paper Penguin Co on etsy. She has fantastic quality inserts!

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  9. Hi Janet!
    I run and i sell inserts for both ring planners and TNs! I specialize in custom inserts 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

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  10. Growing up Goddess on Etsy
    Adori made with Love on Facebook both do TN inserts.
    Anja Verkooy of Adori made with Love also makes TNs in leather and cloth.

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  11. hi! My name is Jennifer Kanthack and I also sell inserts for all sizes including B6, A6, Personal and B6 Slim if asked! Many of my inserts are health based, but we do do “regular” inserts as well! Thanks!

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  12. Hi Janet, for ring inserts. A5 and Personal. Amazing inserts.

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  13. Hi Janet,
    I run Pembroke Papers on Etsy and sell inserts for TN and ringed binders. You can find me at http://www.etsy.con/shop/pembrokepapers.


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  14. Not my shops, but I’ve purchased from (all on etsy):
    WolfnBayPaperCo– Love this shop. Unusual covers with texture and great hand feel

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  15. Hi Janet! I sell inserts for TN style as well as ring binders. My store is on Etsy: Thanks!

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  16. I am also a seller, thanks so much for making this list!

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  17. Here is a link to a Facebook group for inserts.

    Melanie Dennison is the owner. She is so wonderful to work with. Which is why I keep going back for more. She has the most gorgeous range of papers and special rice papers to choose from for the covers. Her customer service is out of this world. Shipping to the UK has always been fast. Her packaging is lovely. I really can’t praise her enough.

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  18. Hi Janet, I am a seller and this my Facebook page Thank you.

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  19. Purple Fawn Papery


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