Ziggy and Fluffy are friends…

First evening
First evening

When you put two cats together in your home, you never know what will happen. It is easier with a kitten and a cat than it is with two full grown cats, but either way the outcome is not assured.

I never keep the two cats apart when the new cat arrives, but I always make sure that I do it over a weekend or holiday so I am with them all the time. I let them get on with it but every now and then I fuss over both of them equally.

Day 3
Third day

I had two cats (5 years and 12 weeks when introduced) that never EVER became friends, Paddy and Tusse (12 weeks and 8 years when introduced) took about 2 years to really settle down, Paddy and Fluffy (12 years and 12 weeks) took about three days (mainly due to Fluffy’s personality. He loves everyone!) and with Ziggy and Fluffy (12 weeks and 5 years) it took about 24 hours maximum.

So, after introducing Ziggy and Fluffy on Friday they took to each other immediately. There was no hissing, spitting, fighting. They slept together on my bed the first night, but at a distance. Second night they slept together.

Sleeping almost together on the first evening
Sleeping almost together on the first evening

I am so happy about it. I am still grieving – oh how I miss Paddy all the time! But the greatest part of my frame of mind was worry about Fluffy being alone and grieving all day when I was at work.

Now Fluffy is eating again, sleeping and playing. When I got home last night he barely even noticed me, he was so busy letting Ziggy chase him around the living room – tail up and happy!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Oh the mystery kitten sleeping next to you JL VDS revealed! Very happy for Fluffy, Ziggy and you, Janet.

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