Microplane Foot Files and Buffers

My two old white ones which will now be replaced by a pink and a teal.
My two old white ones which will now be replaced by a pink and a teal.

My heels tend to be problematic, particularly in winter. They become dry and cracked. I am pretty bad about moisturising my feet when I get out of the shower and when I go to bed which exacerbates the problem. If they start to crack and split it is incredibly, unbelievably painful. The cracks become really deep and start to bleed. Thank heavens for Compeed cracked heel plasters and Microplane foot files.


Microplane makes kitchen tools (etc graters) and have used their expertise in this area to create beauty tools.

I use Microplane foot files – either their paddle ones or their small travel ones. They come in different colours and you can also get buffers and combination files + buffers.

You use them on dry skin and just swipe the file over the affected area lightly a few times. If necessary you can wait a day and do it again the next day. But they are pretty powerful so don’t file heavily or you will take too much skin off. The skin goes into the little receptacle which you then just empty.

I have been using these for more than 13 years and will never use anything else. I have tried everything in the past – sandpaper, sandpaper-type files, the rolling ones, scrub cream, pumice stones of various kinds – and this one is the only one that works. They do get dull after using them for a while though, though so I replace them every few years.

Can recommend


The first one I ever had was this colour
At the moment I have a vibrant pink and a vibrant teal like these ones. In this photo you can see the plastic cover which protects the blade and also holds the filings until you empty it (after every use)
They also come in pastels
This is a combination file and buffer. The buffer is the one with little floral ridges on it.
These are travel buffers. You can also get travel files.


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