Several people have recommended I read the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon, apparently feeling that the wide range of genres covered would appeal to me. I have considered it several times but the sheer size of these books and the series have put me off. I tend to go all out when I read something and this is a massive undertaking. Apparently they can be read as stand-alones as well but I don’t like doing that. I am the kind of person who likes to binge-consume film, book and tv series all at once. I downloaded Outlander (the first book in the series) onto my Kindle a while back but have never read it. I tend to download too many books and then end up with a long to-be-read ‘queue’ that I never get to the end of!

I have watched the first season of the Starz Outlander TV series on Netflix and may watch the second season as well (it premiered a week or so ago). But watching is way less demanding than reading.

I enjoyed the series. The scenery and costumes were stunning and the historical and medical perspective is fascinating. Plus, not since Mel Gibson in Braveheart have kilts been so beautiful! I much prefer these older, more voluminous ones to the newer, neater ones, and clan tartans have always interested me, despite the fact that, apparently, they don’t exist.

The colours and textures in the costumes are outstanding and match the surroundings perfectly. Coarse weaves in muted shades of grey, oatmeal, green and brown. The costume designer for the show, Terry Dresbach  has a lovely blog where she discusses how she chooses or makes these costumes.

As with the Borgias and Black Sails, I much prefer the men’s costumes to the women and could see myself wearing those rather than the women’s costumes.

One of the advantages of not reading the books, was that I did not have any pictures in my head of what I felt the characters and places should look. Jamie must have been a challenge to cast (just like Edward Cullen in Twilight and Christian Grey in Fifty Shades) because of the size of the rabid fandom, but for someone who has not read the Outlander books, I think they did just fine with everyone.

Outlander Season 1, Gallery (L-R) Grant O'Rourke as Rupert MacKenzie, Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh Fitzgibbons, Stephen Walters as Angus Mhor, Graham McTavish as Dougal MacKenzie, Sam Heugan as Jamie Fraser Photo Credit: Frank W Ockenfels 3/ Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television





Outlander 2014

Outlander 2014



I had never seen Catriona Balfe (who plays Claire) act before, but I followed her work when she was one of the highest-earning models in the early 2000s and walked for almost all the top designers during fashion weeks in those periods, opening or closing many of the almost 100 shows she walked in each year during that time. And she really can act – brilliantly!






Have any of my readers read this series and would you recommend it?

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  1. I have read the first book. It was the first time-travel related book and first Highlander book, as they call them. What I did not like, and that may be why I have not read the others, was the constant sex. I admit, I like erotic literature, but these two were at it like rabbits and I lost interest in the story.
    There is another time-travel book, where the character lands in Iceland, “Beautiful Wreck” by Larissa Brown. The author described in detail the life, traditions, nature, climate, etc. in the 10th century Iceland. And there was a love story with a Viking.
    I may watch it on Netflix as I would be interested in the costumes and the landscapes.

  2. I’ve read the series and yes, I would recommend it. It reads very easily. I have been putting off watching the series because of the books, afraid it would disappoint. I might go and watch netflix tonight 🙂

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