Keelindori under construction for me by Imperfectly Perfekt

I have written about Imperfectly Perfekt before on my blog and I now have a custom Keelindori being created by J. Caoilfhionn Marie. She has been absolutely brilliant to deal with.

I wished to combine this:



with this:




in an A5 with 12 elastics.

And here is the result so far. It is not complete yet but I just couldn’t wait to show you!

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 21.43.24






I have always used a ring organiser for my papers for work. In previous years I carried an A5 Filofax with all my scheduling, client documents, articles, contact details, contracts and needs analyses. I also carried a separate wallet and at least one A5 notebook in which I kept all my weekly and daily notes for my students.

In recent years I downsized to a personal Filofax which then became my wallet as well. For all my client papers I carried an A4 plastic folder and an A5 notebook for client notes etc. This meant a lot of paper, much shuffling around to find things, and increasing weight to carry every day.

In my client notes I carry their assignment briefing, write down what they want, what we have done, things I have promised to look up for them, exercises I have promised to email them, any changes in hours (for invoicing purposes), things I need to ask them.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to take my client chaos in hand and I started using a personal sized traveler’s notebook with 12 elastics, each elastic holding a slim notebook with client information. I just swapped out the notebooks at the end of each week and put the relevant ones for the upcoming weeks in. I don’t see every client every week. I see about 6 clients a day, some of then once a week, some of them once every two weeks. This has worked wonderfully well as it is not heavy or bulky (surprisingly enough), I know where everything is, I don’t carry more than I need each day.

I have found though, that there is not enough space in my personal size TN for copious notes and it is also quite annoying to write in because of the smaller size. Thus, I have now sized up to A5.

I cannot see myself starting to use anything but a Filofax-type organiser for my scheduling and wallet. Everything is in one place, it is always with me and contains everything I need regarding my bookings and my wallet.

But when it comes to my client work I think I have found the perfect solution. This means I can carry what I need when I need it, without having any extra stuff I don’t need tagging along for a very heavy ride in my bag. I can then simply archive the booklets afterwards. I have been using Tomoe River paper books from Curnow which are amazingly light.

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