As promised for Nathalie – sea glass necklace


IMG_7924I have a bit of a breathing space this weekend so I am going to catch up on blog posts. One of the things that came up during the week was that I promised Nathalie some photos of my seaglass necklace. In this blog post about sand, I wrote that I wrote I used to collect seaglass and have a beautiful necklace made of pink seaglass shaped into butterflies.

Here it is! It was made by an old man who collects seaglass from the beautiful beaches in South Africa where I am from, and makes them into jewellery. He does not use expensive tools or materials but his work is absolutely beautiful.

He keeps beautiful smooth texture and shapes of seaglass by only working very minimally on it to add some detailing.

As an aside, seaglass comes from salt water and beach glass comes from fresh water.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Thank you, Janet! I do appreciate you remembered it. And l don’t regret the wait: your necklace is absolutely superb!

    You must be very proud of it and though you say it wasn’t made with expensive tools or materials it is precious. It comes from a place that is dear to your heart and reminds you of your time in SA. So yes, it’s a gem to you!

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! I adore seaglass. I must find my seaglass necklace – a friend made it for me after I found her a load (well, my friend Anth did most of the finding and I obediently carried it, then got it home on the train!) from a beach in NE England. It’s a former mining area, so the glass has intriguing patterns left by the coal dust.

      1. I’ll take a pic of it. She made the first two for Anth and I. Mine had a kind of steampunk setting. I think Anth wanted hers kept plain – both were gorgeous.

  3. This is really exquisite, Janet. I live on a cliff above Lyme Bay in Devon. We get sea glass here. I must keep an eye out. Does the South African artist polish the glass? The I wasn’t absolutely sure from the photos. Some of the sea glass her is polished but a smooth matt finish.

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