What a treat!


I have been really really busy lately. Worked the last two weekends and tend to drink my coffee in meetings and eat my lunch (when I have time) while working.

But today a friend took me out for a break – cup of coffee, yummy biscotti and a gift of a Bowie book from the book sale. I didn’t have this one so I was delighted. The book consists of all Bowie’s significant interviews right from 1969 to 2003.

Although I prefer paper books, I tend to buy Kindle ones and read them on my phone, iPad or Macbook. Why? Well, given that Sweden is not an English speaking country, the selection of English-language books is quite small, and if you wait for books to be translated to Swedish, you definitely cannot read them as soon as they come out – which I like to do. Plus they are cheaper on Kindle and I read about three books a week. And on the train and bus, my iPad mini and iPhone are small and light compared to a book.

The only thing is, I like to read paper books before I go to bed, because the light from any kind of screen messes with my sleeping patterns. So this will be my bedtime reading material for the next while. I hope I can put it down!

I also had a wonderful lunch with a gorgeous, kind sweet friend who always restores my faith in human nature. Every time I see him I leave with a smile on my face, peace in my soul and a spring in my step. He spends his whole life doing good for people and reminds me a great deal of Nelson Mandela.  More about him and a BBC documentary that has been made about his life soon.



Author: Janet Carr

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