Rare black double Mulberry binder

I am utterly thrilled by this. Over the moon! I have a brown Mulberry binder in this style which is one of my all-time favourites.

photo 3-7photo-53

It is quite a brick of a binder, with 2 x 23mm rings. Not very portable due to the thickness of the binder, though the inserts are a relatively small A6 size. It would be fantastic as a journal or project management binder, because you could keep things separate and at the same time hold hundreds of sheets of paper. I have used mine at home for personal things – mainly though because I wanted to keep it in as good condition as possible because this model is almost impossible to find.

I have had the brown one for about three years now I think, and have been hunting for a black one. This went up for sale about ten days ago and I did not make an offer because two people I knew were interested, but luckily for me it went up for resale by the new owner soon after. Simone tagged me as she knows I collect rarities and I was first to respond to the ad so it is now mine. Thank you Simone and Abigail!

I have not received it yet and so the photos below belong to Laura and Abigail.


Categories: Filofaxes and other ring organisers


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  1. I would love to get my hands on one of these!!!

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