Comparison of Janet Leather and Undyed Binders


These two personal-sized binders are pretty much the same style. The only difference is that the Janet leather binder has an extra pen loop and the undyed leather has ring protectors. Both have 30mm rings and credit card slots up both sides of the inside covers. The flyleaf of the Janet Leather binder has a secretarial pocket on the back.

When it comes to the leather, the undyed is smooth while the Janet leather is very grainy. Both have Bontex so they are not very stiff but have some substance to them.





Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

4 thoughts

  1. Thank you for the comparison….great to see these two gorgeous binders side-by-side…..

    I assume the undyed one has aged/patina’d more than the Janet?…..

    Meanwhile, hope to have my new undyed binder ship next week……..


      1. Understand now……and so the excitement begins…..

        Hope to see an update sometime showing how the Janet is aging along with another side-by-side with the Undyed binder….

        Can’t wait!


  2. I just ordered my first vds standard Janet leather planner. It will be here in March and I can’t wait. Thank you for posting the comparisons. I have a better feel for how my Janet leather planner will age.

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