Lookfantastic Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes


I have written about these before and have been using them for about two months now. Cannot recommend enough! As I mentioned before I am terrible at applying makeup and these make it so quick and easy!

They are

  • easy to apply
  • can be applied in lighter or heavier layers
  • stay on all day
  • no flaking, creasing, streaking or disappearing
  • really nice colours

I am still using Lots O’ Latte but they have some nice other colours as well. I am liking Lavish Lilac as well.

If you buy at Lookfantastic at the moment (see my earlier post today) you get a free Clinique mascara if you buy two products, a 15% discount on your entire purchase, and gifts worth £109 with a purchase over £65. Worldwide postage is free and they sell everything so you can stock up on your essentials. That is what I tend to do – I bulk buy everything from them about every four months – from body lotion to shower gel to supersize (1 litre!) shampoos and conditioners at once and then you get some nice discounts and freebies.

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