Unusual Five Year Diary from eBay


I have written about this diary before. It was an eBay find and I have never seen anything like it. It is very dainty but solid and has a desk stand as a back cover.

It looks like it is from the 1950’s to 1970s going by the lock. The paper is wonderful – extremely thin and light, and with my favourite pink, blue, black and cream combination.

The top of the diary is made of leather and the block is light wood covered in either very thin leather or thick paper. The colour of the lock goes perfectly with the gold and reddish brown cover.

This is my first antique 5 year with a monthly index, and I have always wanted one!


IMG_3295 IMG_3296 IMG_3298


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is wonderful. I know what you mean about the combination of cream paper with blue, red and black ink. When I was a girl I lived in a small village. The General Store and Post Office sold notebooks with that style of print in them, so I am having a major nostalgic moment here!

    The diary looks unused. Is anything written in it at all? Are you going to use it?

    1. It’s gorgeous. And unused apart from a name at the front of the book. I also love that pink blue and cream combo – I think it reminds me of exercise books from school. It was always so nice opening a brand new one! I am not sure whether I will use it. I use 90% of the ones I find but this one is so unusual maybe I will find it difficult to write in it because it is so rare.

      1. What a find . It is so well gold stamped too … save it for your years 60-65 ! I started a TeBe ( Treuleben and Bishof 5 year ) at 60 and it is the best thing that I ever did diary wise … I saw a saying ,”meet your past” in an ad for Mindori 5 years .. the Leuchtturm 5 year is a good price however very plain !
        I did a five year from 15-20 because my mother gave me the diary … I still keep it on my desk … at 68 years of age .. always a pleasure to read and relive the joys of life … I look forward to more choices coming on stream as the Milenials get further into Retro things … anyone born after 1995 needs a five year diary to keep forever to make life a work of art not just an exercise in watching the technosphere machines take us to hell !!

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