Being Human (UK version)


I have just finished watching this UK series and I really loved it.

I am not a Dracula fan and I don’t enjoy horror movies. But I read all the Vampire Diaries and Twilight books and watched the Twilight movies and Vampire Diaries television series. Of them I like the Vampire Diaries books and television series more because I don’t think Twilight was particularly well-written.


I enjoy both UK and US shows but the US ones tend to be more dramatic and glamorous while the UK ones are grittier, showing mundane, humdrum existence and ordinary people with less than perfect lives and looks. The UK series, Being Human encapsulates that. The drab daily lives of a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire in a rundown flatshare, trying to live average boring lives and have relationships like everyone else. It is heartwarming and frequently extremely funny but it grips you and stays with you in a way that Vampire Diaries doesn’t for example, even though that series deals with many of the same themes.


Particularly good are Aidan Turner as vampire Mitchell, and Russell Tovey as werewolf George. Turner played a similar brooding, tortured character in Poldark. George is my absolute favourite. He is a pedantic, organised, neurotic neat freak who rips the house to shreds every full moon.

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