Vintage Asprey Five Year Diary


This beauty comes from Carol at Look Back in Vintage.

I spotted it a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for a new diary to replace my old Asprey Edwardian Five Year Diary which I filled up 2 years early. It was perfect for me.

The service was perfect. Carol’s first email did not get to me but she kept on trying. And door to door to Sweden took 18 hours! I got it just in time for my birthday.

I was absolutely astounded at the care with which this item had been packaged. Because it was my birthday present to myself the gift-type wrapping meant a lot to me. I always love pretty packaging but it is very unusual for vintage items to receive this type of care and respect from seller.

I really didn’t want to open it because it was so beautiful, but in the end I gave in and it was really worth the weight. Pigskin is very durable and this diary will make leaving my beloved previous Asprey less traumatic!

I can really recommend this shop and their service. You can find contact details on the link to the website above and also in the photo at the bottom of the post. As with everything, I bought just as a normal customer and did not receive any perks for the post. Carol didn’t even know I was a blogger until afterwards when I thanked her. As someone who works hard for their money, I believe in praising good service as it is becoming increasingly rare. Thank you Carol!


Perfectly and tightly wrapped with a sticker on the front. Everything symmetrical, a thing of beauty!


Inside that, a sturdy box to hold the next layer of contents


Then, bubble wrap


And information about the shop, with contact details


Inside that was some gorgeous pink-brown tissue paper. What a stunning colour. I wish you could find more items in that shade.

Inside the first layer of tissue paper, is a wrapped box tied with a satin ribbon


And then, the original Asprey box


And more of the beautiful tissue paper!


First glimpse of the tan pigskin diary


55 years old and in perfect condition. It is really rare to find these with the original key.


Fluffy photo bombing as usual!


Gilt edges





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  1. Thank you Janet, enjoy your ‘journey to the interior’ over the next five years. Carolx

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