Slacks – voted the 28th most revolting word in the English language

These aren't so bad but the word slacks is just…ewwww
These aren’t so bad but the word slacks is just…ewwww

I have been reading novels lately and every time the hero wears SLACKS I think ‘ew nooooooo’. I am not sure whether it is the word ‘slacks’ which puts me off or some of the hideous slacks I have seen on both men and women. Those high waisted ones with huge pleats. Or Crimplene slacks that flap around the ankles.

I’m sorry but not even hipsters wearing crimplene slacks can rescue them.

Turns out I am not alone. Slacks was voted one of the most disgusting sounding words in the English language.

Trousers is fine, pants (in the US sense) doesn’t bother me but SLACKS really gives me the heebie jeebies. And don’t get me started on the South African way of saying ‘a jean’ or ‘a jean pant’ instead of ‘a pair of jeans’ or ‘jeans’. But that is another post entirely!



Incidentally, quite a few years ago I used to work with a man whose wife used to dress him in the most awful flappy slacks in colours like mustard and sludgy green. They went up to his armpits with these enormous pleats and were ankle length in the most awful synthetic fabric that made a noise when he walked. They also gave him a waffle bottom. He used to fill his pockets with things which gave him strange bumps and bulges.

Then he got divorced and after a while he met someone else. She also dressed him (lol, not sure what that says about him or his women) but she put him into into jeans, cargo pants and chinos, all narrower and longer with flat fronts and fitted so he could not fit half the world in his pockets. My word who knew that he had most divine body I had ever seen (even to this day). He suddenly had women (and men) falling for him left right and centre. He is much older now, married to her and he still has women after him in droves. I am kind of happy to know he did not fall for people who loved him for his looks and he has always been a nice person, no matter how he is dressed, but oh that body is to die for!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. The models have that classic looking and pointing at something in the distance pose about them! Trade Mark mail order catalogue picture!!
    I’m not a ‘Slacks’ guy myself…

  2. And then there are those that say “pant” and “trouser” (singular). “Pant” is what a dog does!

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