Gorgeous fountain pen gift from Frans

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About two weeks ago, Frans S wrote to me and said he would like to give me a fountain pen. How wonderfully kind and generous. Even though I already knew how generous Frans is – I am in the same fountain pen group as he is and I have seen him do giveaways and gift people pens – I was so very touched at his gesture. Sometimes life is hard and knowing there are people so kind and generous out there really makes a difference.

The pen arrived about two days after that and I have finally set it up and started using it. I was able to choose between nib sizes and I chose fine because I am a lefty and anything thicker tends to smudge when my hand passes over it.



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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. That looks very much like a Jinhao X750… I think I have one which is almost identical. 🙂 Except I’m pretty sure mine has a Medium nib…

    I used to spend a lot of time on the FountainPenNetwork, but over the last few years I just enjoy my pens rather than reading about them. It’s a great informational resource, though, especially the pen and ink reviews!

    1. It’s gorgeous! I love it. I used to spend a lot of time on the forum but now I am in the Facebook groups which are nice to quickly browse.

      1. As I don’t do Facebook, I don’t have the option of browsing the groups there. But I did spend an awful lot of time on FPN up until a couple of years ago. It’s a terrible place for enabling purchases – about half my collection of fountain pens came from sales in the Classified Ads section of that forum…

        Looking again at the photos of your Jinhao, I’m wondering if the nib unit is fully seated in the gripping section? It looks almost as if the bit between the nib and the chrome trim ring should be invisible, but it’s possible that the design has been changed since mine was produced…

        Which ink are you using in it? My chrome X750 tends to get filled with Iroshizuku Kon-Peki, which is a very bright cerulean blue. It seems to go with the silver finish somehow… 🙂 They tend to be really lovely smooth writers in my experience.

      2. I needed to seat it firmly. I was very gentle as I don’t know the pen yet but after reading your comment I gave it a firm push and in it went! I am using Montblanc Oyster Grey 🙂

  2. What groups of pens do you belong to, Janet? If l may ask you, is there a group about vintage pens or fountain pens out there? Th’ve been my passion for years and l’m always delighted to see lovely pieces.

    1. I am in MTN Fountain Pens & Inks, and The Fountain Pen Network (FPN). FPN has gorgeous vintage pens and pen collections. And great advice too!

  3. A true object of beauty! I would ask about the group, but I would be (my wallet) in trouble if I did!

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