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There are loads more of them but I took an hour to write down all the ones I am in or that I know of. If you have any others you would recommend, please put them in the comments, so I can add them. I have shown only one secret group because I know they welcome new users. If you would like to join it, friend request someone who is in the group and they will add you. You will not be able to see the group unless you are a member.

Remember always to read the description of the group and the rules when you join. Someone has taken the trouble to create a safe community for you to gather and interact. It is a sign of respect to read and follow the rules. For example the Vintage group is only for binders from the early 1990s and before, The Filofaxes and Pens for Sale Site does not allow insert sales (they have a separate group for that), the Philofaxy group does not allow sales and the Planner Peace group does not allow sales or talk of ‘hauls’.

Ring Bound Organisers

 Traveller’s Notebooks



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  1. Janet, this a great list to support the planning community! This group might be one you might like to include: PLAN to Enjoy Life – Functional Planner Group (closed) https://www.facebook.com/groups/PLANtoenjoylife/ is a group of members using a wide variety of planner systems and tools. This group focuses on learning strategies and solutions for using a planner beyond a todo list but as a tool to PLAN to Enjoy Life.

  2. There is also DIY Planners and Organizers (no relation to DIYFish or DIYplanners.com), which focuses on making your own binders, notebooks, and inserts. It is has a secret group setting so feel free to fb message me (Yezenia Hernandez) if interested in joining.
    Thanks for doing this useful post Janet!

  3. Wish there were some groups for those of us that for various reasons don’t facebook…..



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