Il Bisonte Vacchetta Insider organisers


Gorgeous thick, glossy wrapping paper in rich brown tones


Nice boxes in the same shade as the leather. Not sure if they are all the same shade



Tissue paper in the same shade


Look! First view!


One is smooth on the outside and grainy on the inside. The other is grainy on the outside and smooth on the inside


One grainy one smooth



With flash

Without flash

Without flash

IMG_6510 IMG_6522


These came from Florence, where the wonderful Gaia took a special trip to the one Il Bisonte shop that still had them. She then send them to me. Only one of them is mine but I thought I would show the differences in the leather.

This leather is absolutely sublime – much softer than the Van Der Spek undyed. Feels wonderful. And the inserts are Eurotime – the same as Aspinal, Gillio, Van Der Spek and Paul Smith.

Categories: Filofaxes and other ring organisers


6 replies

  1. jaw dropping gorgeous!!!!


  2. Janet these are so beautiful and thank you for sharing such beauty with us and also thanks to Gaia for getting them to you!

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  3. Just looking at the photos, makes me think the leather is so soft it will melt like warm butter…….


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