Comparison between VDS undyed leather binder and IL Bisonte Vacchetta Insider


Here is my undyed Van Der Spek leather binder after 6 months of use together with my IL Bisonte Vacchetta leather binder.

The Van Der Spek leather is smoother and stiffer than the IL Bisonte which is softer and floppier. The smooth IL Bisonte is as smooth as the VDS but floppier and the grainy is not like the VDS undyed which would probably always be smooth, like Louis Vuitton vacchetta. The Van Der Spek has Bontex in it though which does add to stiffness, and the Il Bisonte does not. The Il Bisonte is brand new but is darker than the VDS after six months of use. My feeling is that the Van Der Spek is tougher and will stand up better to heavy use as it does not scuff easily. But only time will tell.



Author: Janet Carr

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