Do I use more than 1 binder? Yes, I use 5!



1. Undyed Van Der Spek in Personal Size – wallet + calendar + lists

  • money
  • keys
  • credit cards
  • maps
  • calendar
  • to do lists
  • usb stick
  • receipts
  • guarantees
  • travel card
  • blog ideas


2. Gigliodoro A5 Divino in Gold – work papers + lesson plans

  • Attendance registers
  • Needs analyses
  • Client details
  • Lesson notes
  • Lesson plans
  • Client records
  • Articles
  • Lessons
  • Client Birthdays
  • Sales spreadsheets



3. Van Der Spek A5 in Cognac Italian Leather – house + medical

  • Bills
  • Contracts
  • Lists of contractors (locksmith, plumber etc)
  • Lists of family contact details
  • Vet details for the cats
  • Cats’ medical records
  • My medical details
  • Tax



4. Cordwain Higgler Pocket Moth Binder – wish lists + travel

  • travel details
  • wish lists
  • inspirational quotes
  • product photographs


5. Moongazing Hare A5 Cordwain Higgler – archiving

  • archiving important papers from other two A5 binders



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3 replies

  1. This breakdown actually makes sense to me!

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  2. and now nobody is allowed to ask why I use so “many” planners 😀 I have two and my best friend and my boyfriend asked why 😀 if they ask again I’ll show them your link.

    greetings from Germany
    Jess // Filophilista

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  3. Great collection…..thanks for sharing and all the info on how you use them…..

    Seems like you should have one more binder that acts as an index/reference to what’s in all your binders!…..


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