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  1. This is far too true to be funny, in my experience…

    A week or two ago I ordered some chilled foodstuffs online. Because they were chilled, they had to be delivered in an insulated container and there was a minimum order and a hefty delivery charge. The vendor also requested instructions in the case that there was nobody home to take delivery – I asked them to leave the goods with a neighbour.

    Delivery arrives. Doorbell rings. Partner goes to answer door – couldn’t have taken more than 30 seconds – to find the chilled package left on the mat in full view outside the front door. Driver is already back in his van and driving off as door is opened. Just as well we were home, even if he couldn’t be bothered to wait and check… and total disregard of the delivery instructions.

    The other frequent outcome is that we wait for a delivery, there is no sound at the door, the doorbell doesn’t ring, the dogs (all six of them, and they all bark if they hear a noise at the front door) don’t react, but we check the letterbox an hour after the alleged delivery attempt to find a ‘sorry we missed you’ card.

    Where do the courier companies find these people who can’t simply follow instructions and provide the service they’ve been paid for?

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