Beautiful AlexLibris binder – fits Filofax refills




DSC_6988+These are made by AlexLibris who has made several of my hand bound books. He has sold several in his shop.

Alex’s work is absolutely astounding and his customer service is beyond amazing – not only does he send you photographs and reports right through the production process, but he also sends you progress reports during shipping, letting you know at all times where your parcel is. His items come in handmade gift boxes which are designed around you book and made just for it.

I have not ask him (my wallet could not take the strain) but you could probably choose the colour and type of leather and the tooling on the cover if you wished.


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8 replies

  1. Got-gee-oh-so!


  2. Oh my, these are wonderful!


  3. When I win the lottery, this art is first on my list.


  4. That is beautiful. If I thought my brother would use it, I’d definitely get him one. (If any man needs an organiser, it’s my brother. Unfortunately, he’s a) hopelessly disorganised and b) vegetarian, so he wouldn’t use a leather binder.)


  5. Interesting to see the Welsh Dragon, does that come as standard?


  6. Nice Welsh Dragon embossing on the top photos. They look absolutely gorgeous but I just can’t justify buying another binder 😦



  1. Some different organizer brands | Janet Carr @

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