Support the Manchester Dog’s Home after the fire

One of the rescued dogs
One of the rescued dogs

I don’t usually post these kinds of things but, as everyone who knows me is well aware, I love animals and volunteer quite a bit. I support the local cat’s home as a member, a volunteer and a cage sponsor and I sponsor a wolf and husky sanctuary in South Africa.

So it was with terrible sadness and a heavy heart that I read about a 14 year old arsonist torching the Manchester Dog’s Home yesterday. The fire destroyed many enclosures, killing 53 dogs which suffered terribly. The remaining dogs were evacuated. The public has stepped up brilliantly and donated food, blankets, time and also help foster the 150 dogs which have lost their home. The other dogs are presently being homed in a sister facility.

I donated via the Manchester Evening News’ Just Giving Page – it is easy to do from all over the world if you have Paypal or a Credit/Debit card, and if you are in the UK you can donate via sms. It won’t bring the doggies back but – in my case anyway – it made me feel less helpless.




Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. It is just so sad and unacceptable. It makes me very sad. Hopefully the remaining dogs will be healthy and get new homes.

  2. Thank you Janet for bringing this to people’s attention. It is one of the most agonising tragedies I have read of in my life. I can’t see any point at all to it and it caused so much physical and emotional pain to the truly helpless and innocent who didn’t even have a hope of escape. I cannot begin to think about what should happen to the culprit, but I do feel a lot of love towards those many people who banded together to get as many dogs to safety as possible, risking their own safety to help in every way they could. And also to those like you far away who cannot be there but still care so much. My heart hurts so much over this but also feels love and gratitude to so many.

  3. It breaks my heart each time I’ve seen anything about this today. I’m surprised that I slept last night as it was the last bit of news I read. I can only hope that this evil monster is given the punishment he deserves and then some. I have given already. I would take in some of the survivors if asked. Don’t you really hate our race sometimes? Humanity doesn’t come into it with some 🙁

    1. I totally agree. I just hate people who hurt animals. I am pretty hardened to man’s inhumanity to man but when it comes to animals it angers and upsets me and makes my heart so sore. The part of the home that burned was ‘adoption row’ so those dogs were all going to new homes. The death toll is over 60 now and just thinking of how they suffered will give me many sleepless nights (I am sure lots of people think I am silly but that is how I am). On the plus side the donations are now heading for £2 million so they will at least be able to rebuild. And the community really pulled together to help. I hope the little toerag who did this has the book thrown at him.

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