An unsung hero – the Filofax Kensington

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One of my favorite binders is the Filofax Kensington. It is amazing on all levels.

  1. It is a vintage binder so very well made with fantastic rings
  2. It is soft and flexible with no stiffening
  3. It is perfectly designed for use as a wallet with plenty of credit card slots, a zip for coins and a nice pocket for notes
  4. Fairly easily available on eBay and sales groups
  5. Very reasonably priced – between €11 and €30








Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

9 thoughts

  1. Sshhh…don’t tell everybody lol!

    I have three in Personal size, one Slimline and an A5. They just handle so very well…soft and sleek. They might even take over the top spot in my heart from the Holborns. 😉

  2. I Have them all. I’m a salesman and have 2 A5 with customer record sheets in. A Personal as my Diary, with a Slimline that I decant into for travel and a pocket that I use as a wallet / notebook.

    Lovely and soft one of the best of their time. Sadly the A5’s are stiffened.

      1. Would have been just like a Malden, so I don’t know why they felt it necessary.

  3. Have had a Kengington Pocket about a year and love it. So well made and all the.pockets I need.

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