Swedish Teacher’s Filofax

Sweden is a small country (only 9 million people). It is also a country that has always been at the forefront of both developing and using new technology. So in a country where the digital influence is really strong, why can they still have Filofax binder models and a wide range of inserts which are not available in any other country? Sweden has surely proved that the market does not necessarily need to be large in order to offer such things. Why does the UK not follow the same model, I wonder?

The Teacher’s Filofax is a brilliant example. It is usually available year round although  inserts get a big restock each summer. Filofax’s unique system gives you unparalleled flexibility in your work as a teacher.You can easily insert, delete and move forms. Now with Removable class lists that you can easily move between different locations in the calendar. You do not need to write the names several times.

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  • Diary grade 12/13 week / ideas (12 months), vertical, removable plastic pockets
  • class lists (3), class lists for plastic wallet (6), telephone number list (2),
  • schedule (6), semester overview, semester projects, weekly planning (40), class lists / student info (3 classes), class notes (20),
  • test scores (20), absence listings (40), activity plans, (20)
  • lined white (20), address leaf (20), squared pages (50), notebook, plastic pouch, ruler, subject directory, alphabetical index


  • Binder (Metropol) in art materials. Available in several colours. Price £40
Diary / Calendar includes:  2013, one week per spread, 12 months
photo 1-3
This is the cover of the Filofax. It is a Metropol and comes in black and red. You receive a voucher for a free name tag which fastens onto your binder. In this photograph you can clearly see the striations which appear on every Metropol. It is supposed to replicate the striations on genuine leather but worries a lot of people who feel they have received a defective binder. The price of these binders is about €53.
photo 3-3
Peeking out of the left front pocket is the name tag voucher.
photo 4-3
As well as the normal Filofax ruler, in this teacher’s pack you receive five ‘rulers’ in the form of class lists in thick plastic. This list has place for 36 children and the inserts are tailor-made for this. You write out the lists for each class once and then you just move them to the relevant page, so you don’t have to repeat them. There are plenty of copies of each insert.
photo 2-3
Gorgeous red. These binders are not leather but look really nice and are very durable. They have fantastic quality 30mm rings.
photo 3-5
Class Notes. You can see how you just pop the class list in its transparent ‘ruler’ over the left side of the page and voila!
photo 5-3
List of guardians/primary caregivers for each student
photo 4-4
Student contact details
photo 4-5
Test results, presentations, homework
photo 5-2
Staff telephone list
photo 1-5
Attendance register
photo 3-4
photo 2-4
Class schedule divided into 20 minute increments
After the teacher inserts comes a full set of regular inserts (the kind that come in all new Filofaxes)
Fold out work plan
Fold out activity/work plan
Fold out work plan
Fold out work/activity plan
Fold out work plan
Fold out work/activity plan
Attendance registers
Weekly planning/timetable
Test results, presentations, homework
Contact details for students



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. That’s pretty impressive, and includes some well-designed forms. The Activity Plan looks very useful. Thanks for posting

  2. As a teacher I would love an English version of this. When our school scrapped our regulation planners staff were told to buy their own or use their iPad. I instantly decided on a A5 Filofax and after a year others have noticed mine and swapping over. I make as many of my own inserts as possible but the moveable class list is an excellent idea. Pity stock varies so much when so many of us have very similar needs no matter where we live.
    Great post.

  3. I really wish there was an English version of this, as it’s such a good idea. But I shall be ordering the Swedish one when it’s available!

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