Charm Bracelets Part 10 – Biagi Kidz

biagi kidz alsoThis is not a charm bracelet I have. And not because it is for kids – I wear anything I want to and never worry about what other people think. I think I have enough different kinds of charm bracelet as it is and Nomination is really my favourite. But I would really fancy getting one of these today because I like the rubber bracelet.

I pass Hallbergs guld in Stockholm on my way to work and they have these in the window. The bracelets and the charms are so cute and very reasonably priced. I was going to take a photo of their window display today but it was too snowy – will do the next time I go past. (see below)

Anyway these are some pics of the bracelets and the charms. il_fullxfull.263621799 carlobiagikids il_fullxfull.98448921 il_570xN.98449772

Easily available from Biagi, eBay or Etsy.



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