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I have been using my Jawbone UP24 for about a month now so thought I would give a small report-back on it.


Like any jewellery, you quickly get used to wearing it. I wear bracelets during the day but no jewellery at night, so it took a night or two before I stopped noticing it. I have a size small and it fits nice and snug. These bands do not come in in-between sizes so people often end up with one which is either a bit snug or a bit loose. Myself, I think I would find a loose one irritating.

The ends are supposed to sit flat against your wrist but if you have an oddly sized or shaped wrist the ends may also flare. This does not affect the function of the band. If you have a round wrist it may flare even if you have a perfect fit.

Day Use

To be honest this has not done anything groundbreaking for me. I have been using a pedometer for about ten years. I have a SILVA one that l keep in my handbag. I don’t have to set it or clip it anywhere so it is very convenient and pretty accurate.

I also walk a lot for work every single day, and I enjoy walking. So it has not encouraged me to do anything more than I have done. And it has not shown me anything I did not know before. I can see that if I had time to do so I could increase my goal and make sure I reached it every day.

It is also not extremely accurate – some days when I have been sitting working at my desk it shows that I have walked over 100 steps.

The app does encourage you by telling you how many steps you need to reach your goal each day and it tells you when you have reached milestones. So if you needed help to be more active I can see how this would work.

Night Use

This is where I have really been helped immensely. I have always had trouble sleeping, right from when I was a small child. It has grown worse as I have grown older. I also have very irregular working hours. I can work from midday to midnight some days and from early morning to late night others.

I have tried everything – lavender, lapis lazuli, melatonin, valerian, camomile tea, no tea, warm baths, no baths, cold room, counting sheep, whale song, waves, white noise, earplugs, sleep masks, CBT and so on.

The Jawbone showed me a pattern. I took a while to go to sleep but when I slept, I slept well. I had irregular bedtime hours. I was very active right before bedtime. My cats woke me up in the middle of the night, as did my bladder. I was waking about four times a night and battling to go back to sleep.

So the Jawbone then suggested regular bedtimes. I set mine to be 10.30pm. At 10pm the band reminded me to start getting ready for bed. Once I started doing that I found I was ready to go to sleep at 10.30pm.

To avoid being woken up by my bladder I didn’t drink anything from about 90 minutes before bedtime. Previously I was having my last cup of tea as I was getting ready for bed. I also fed my cats later so that they were wide awake until I fed them and then ready for bed the same time I was. Plus they slept all night.

My sleeping has improved immensely. And I have also been able to see that a) sometimes when I felt that I have not slept at all, I actually have and b) on days I have not slept well, I still have enough energy to function.

I should add here that it is not foolproof. I sleep with my cats and when they have settled on me, I tend to lie very still, even when I cannot sleep. The band interprets my stillness as sleep so it tends to show that I fall asleep within minutes, when this is actually untrue. But as a general guide to sleep patterns, it has been brilliant.

All in all I would definitely recommend. If you can, go for the UP24 which syncs constantly via Bluetooth so you can instantly see your progress without having to plug your band in anywhere.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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