25% Agendashop discount for my readers


I am happy to announce that the new www.agendashopandmore.com website is live.  It shows all brands (including Filofax!) + no VAT for non-European buyers. There is still a lot of work to make the site perfect but it is OK to start.

There is a Promotional Code: “filojanet” for my readers= 25% off (except outlet), valid until  31st May. 

Any improvement tips gladly received by Christophe from Agendashop (pop suggestions in the comments below)

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

11 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the feedback. The site is now adapted and you can pay with Paypal. Also, no shipping costs for orders >100€.

  2. I ordered a new Chameleon and I have payed with paypal. I had sent them an email and it was no problem to pay with paypal. 🙂 But naturally it would be easier to pay directly with paypal.

  3. The website looks good! I wanted to order, but unfortunately you can’t pay with Paypal and as I have no creditcard, I go somewhere else. So that would be my improvement tip: Paypal.

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