What I am using at the moment – Personal Green Lizard

I have been in this one for about a month now I think. I love the layout of it because there are lots of pockets everywhere and nice horizontal card slots. After using Gillios, I do miss having a full length back wallet pocket because I use my binder as a wallet. But with all the extra slip pockets (two facing the rings and two on the outside edges of the covers) there is enough room for things like notes and receipts.

I have four genuine exotic binders now (ostrich, lizard, vintage lizard, and vintage shark) and I really like them. They are beautiful to look at and to feel – particularly the ostrich – and they wear like iron.

I really love the green of this binder – it has a slight blueish tint to it and is glossy which makes a very attractive organizer.


With free Gillio pen (I chose a pink one!)
With free Gillio pen (I chose a pink one!)

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