Salty Dog Leatherworks Cuff – a work of art in process

Chris Grey of Salty Dog Leatherworks is sending me a cuff for review and I have been so excited to watch its progress on his page. If you buy one from him you may be able to do that on his page as well – it really makes you realize that this is a work of art made by hand and it becomes almost like a living thing. Chris loves what he does and you can see it in his work.

Cut and punched - all by hand
Cut and punched – all by hand
Waiting to dry
Waiting to dry
Ready to be assembled
Ready to be assembled





Isn't that just perfect?
Isn’t that just perfect?



A Salty Dog keychain - isn't it cute?
A Salty Dog keychain – isn’t it cute?
Now for the good news - buy something in April and you will get this keychain cuff for free!
Now for the good news – buy a cuff in April and you will get this keychain cuff for free!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Thank you very much for liking my work 🙂 I can ship to the US, although I hadn’t even thought of a price for one of the Keychains

    1. I just liked your page on Facebook. Although I would adore one of everything, my husband and my wallet would not appreciate that lol. I’m glad you ship to the US! Hopefully I’ll be ordering from you soon!

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