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If anyone watches The Big Bang Theory you may have seen the episode where Raj and Howard use a 3D printer to make dolls of themselves.

There is actually a site that does that, believe it or not. It is called The prices are not horrendously expensive though you do need to visit the studio it seems. You can do models of your pets as well if you like.

Imagine giving a proud granny 3d twins of her family? Or a loving partner giving a soldier being posted abroad a little twin of themselves to take with them? Or giving someone one as a retirement gift?

Here are some photos from their gallery. If you click on the link above you can visit the price to see the originals and also check prices and procedure.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.53.14 PM miniature-lady-with-dogs-my3dtwin my3dtwin_girl_with_boy_800-collage my3dtwin_boy_open_hands_800_in_hands_1

If you find that a bit creepy, maybe you would prefer a wooden one from Gunnarssons in Stockholm.


You can watch the brother and sister Gunnarssons at work in this tiny Gepetto-like workshop as Urban carves famous and less famous people from alder or linden/lime wood, and Gisela paints them. You can buy from the shop or you can order a figure of someone you know (or even yourself!) for a special occasion. These take a couple of weeks to produce.

Winston Churchill is the most enduringly popular of their figures and they have every single US President of recent times.




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  1. They are really fantastic! I saw that particular episode of TBBT and it was hilarious. Not sure if I would have the nerve to do it, though! LOL

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