Desigual-alike Coat

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This coat is actually a marvel. I was cold one day when the Swedish late summer suddenly turned to autumn. It was early morning, I had a long long day ahead of me and I was freezing cold in a light leather jacket. So I shot into the nearest cheap clothing shop and grabbed a coat off the rack. I thought it was pretty but as soon as I put it on people started stopping me in the street to tell me what a pretty coat it was or say ‘Desigual?’ Only then did I realise that it was a copy of a Desigual coat.

It is now three years later and I am still wearing it. It cheers me up on cold grey days, I don’t need a scarf if the neckline is buttoned and the style suits my shape. I don’t have hips but this coat gives me some. People still stop me – on average two a day – to tell me how pretty it is. I think it is just so bright and cheerful in a city where so many people wear only black in winter that it seems more striking than it actually is. Whatever the reason, I love it.

If anyone else wants one, they still sell them at Manhattan in Stockholm (both in Gamla Stan and in Drottninggatan) for between 300 and 700 SEK (approx £30 to £60) depending on if it is at the beginning or end of a season. Each coat is different in colour and design. Alternately, Desigual has them, though they cost way way more.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I really love it. Doesn’t matter what the price – if you love it, you love it. It is really beautiful.

  2. I have one the same as that – I picked it up from a cheap clothes shop in Konstanz in Germany when I was there for the day 🙂 I was so impressed, and it’s still great 🙂

  3. Interesting post Janet! It is always fascinating to see how fashion is perceived in different countries. Here Desigual is considered as a cheap brand and it is mostly worn by teenagers who struggle to earn their pocket money or by young adults.
    I also find Swedish people very cool. You stop strangers in the street to make compliments about each other’s outfit and it is a lovely and friendly attitude. Unfortunately you would never get that here because even if people think your clothes are beautiful they will prefer to stay quiet about that fact and go secretly hunting to find the same outfit. I know it is ridiculous but that’s the way we are over here.

    1. The strange thing is, Swedish people don’t usually talk to each other, let alone about what they are wearing. This coat just seems to bring things out in them. It’s magic!

      1. Oh that’s even better then! It proves that they really like your coat. You must be very pleased 🙂

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