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HAPPY TAIL –  Princess Miley  – From The Fuzzy Pet Foundation

Today, Team TFPF shed a bunch of happy tears as we finalized Miley’s adoption and celebrated in her new “palace.” It was a magical moment. Miley walked the red carpet, ran up and down the stairs, and was greeted by a crowd of supporters who clapped and cheered her on. Miley twirled around in the living room and pounced on squeaky toys to acknowledge her “fans.” She jumped on a few beds, rolled on her back, and finally took a seat on the couch with her nurturing mom. Miley knew she was finally HOME SWEET HOME!

Miley’s mom, Toni, was selected among +500 applicants, and we quickly knew she was “the one” for Miley. Together with her late-husband, she raised a total of four rescue Huskies during their 40-year blessed marriage. Her veterinarian gave us a glowing recommendation. Toni also had an army of animal-loving friends (including an actress, a former Mayor, and a reputable animal rescuer) who vouched for her as a responsible, caring pet owner. Her entire home was designed to accommodate Husky-type dogs, like Miley, who may often dig holes, escape, and exhibit prey-drive.

When we first met Toni, we, too, found her to be a warmhearted and thoughtful person. And there was an immediate, indescribable bond between Toni and Miley. During our home-check, Miley would not leave Toni’s side in the backyard. She even tried to steal a croissant off the dining table. It almost seemed like they were long lost family members!

Both Toni and Miley also understood each other on a much deeper level. As Toni wrote in a letter to Miley, “It seems like we both have been broken and have a second chance at a new life…” Toni lost her beloved husband to Parkinson’s disease and shortly afterwards her elderly Husky went into the light. She also suffered from cancer, and had to put on her suit of armor to fight and win this battle. Toni is now cancer-free.

Miley also had to overcome her struggles in life. For many months, she had to survive on the mean streets of L.A. all alone, cold, and hungry. She scrounged around for food and slept on a pile of trash. She battled with severe malnutrition, bloody sores on her body, and Demodectic mange that nearly shut down her immune system. After being rescued and given months of proper care, Miley is now a healthy, happy-go-lucky dog!

Toni and Miley were clearly meant for each other. And we sincerely wish this mother-daughter duo many, many years of joy and happiness together! We also want to give our deepest gratitude to our supporters who have helped us save Miley and give her this fairy tale ending!

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  2. My daughter and I are so happy Miley found her forever home. We watched this story awhile back and we’re moved by her strength and trust after having such a hard life.

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