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As promised yesterday:

This one I am so happy to show.  I am fairly well known for successfully using a Filofax as a weight loss tool. I lost 57.5kg about 30 years ago and have kept it off ever since.

Someone who is not a Filofax fan but who likes to journal asked me to create a weight loss journal for her. So I did.

First I researched notebooks. I had a few candidates for her but when I saw Rogue I knew this was the one.

  • I had her name (obscured in this photograph but it is in Mayfair cursive print) and goal weight put on the cover
  • I chose the hardiest, lightest design they had (allowing her to carry it with her).
  • It has inspirational quotes (every single one I could think of) printed on the inside front cover and
  • Parchment pages so she can glue things in it, write with the wettest thickest fountain pen, and not have to treat it with kid gloves.
  • Because of the wrap cover it can expand if she pastes in things like cuttings of clothes she would like to buy, photographs of her weight loss or motivational pictures.
  • She wanted no lines as she likes to be free when she journals and she also wanted handmade Mulberry bark paper.

She feels this will give her the motivation she needs to succeed in her weight loss journey.

I did all the ordering and everything myself so I can recommend their service. It was unbelievably quick and not pricey compared to some of the options I researched. By the time you read this she will have received it so I hope she likes it!

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Silver silk box which came with a beautiful ribbon – I hope I can retie it for her as I am really bad at that kind of thing!

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