Midori refills by Ray Blake

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Ray is probably going to curse me for this as he does not really advertise the fact that he makes refills for various sizes of Midori-like notebook covers.

He has made many different kinds for me in the past – horizontal planner, vertical planner, lined, blank and grid. They are so well made, the price is unbelievably low and Ray’s work is always excellent. They are available as free printables from My Life All In One Place but I battle to get the size right. I have a nice duplex printer which works so well with A4 and A5 but it hates odd sizes.

The lovely thing about these refills is that Ray offered me a choice of colours for the covers – I asked him to surprise me and surprise me he did. Look at those absolutely beautiful colors – like sweeties!

Regarding grid paper, I have never ever liked it. Or seen the point. Many of my students cannot use anything else but as a left-hander who likes to freestyle it I imagined it would be extremely limiting and that I would have to really exert  myself to write exactly in those small boxes.

When I started bullet journalling I began with lines (too big), then blank (everything went crooked) and then I finally tried grid paper. Hallelujah! Perfect! The squares just lend themselves to check boxes and short sentences. I am saved! Now I cannot bullet journal in anything else.

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