Reveal of the new Filofax models – specially for my readers

1794522_10202967750975065_856984741_nHere is a photo of the new models of Filofax coming out soon. I have a catalogue on the way to me at the moment with more exact information which I can give via my blog and have been told by Filofax in two (well, five really as Benelux is three) different countries which new models are coming out so I think I have it more or less straight. I have now been given the okay to share it. So here goes.

  • There is a new red in the Saffiano range.
  • Three gorgeous new colours of the Original will appear – pillar box red, deep aqua and patent nude.
  • There is a new leather model named the Lockwood which is zipped, brown and similar to the Malden.
  • Lime, black, lavender and pastel green patents!
  • And MANY great things for iPads – one of which allows the iPad to swivel.
  • Flex – nothing new but the concept is being maintained and not discontinued.
  • Finsbury in Dark Blue will be coming out.
  • Willow, a non leather binder which has flowers on it will replace the Blossom.
  • And – Patent Domino – look at that baby!
  • 1488043_10202968312669107_431234580_n

Christophe from Bouteia will be so proud of me as he entrusted me with all this information quite a while back and I have not uttered a peep until now. In other news, Sweden has a new Filofax distributor which I am rather excited about. The largest retailer of Filofaxes in Sweden used to order direct from Filofax UK via the catalogue so maybe that will change now.


If you have any questions please pop them into the comments field below. Christophe Burm, who is the Filofax distributor for Filofax in the Benelux countries, will answer when he has time. He and his lovely wife An are as excited about the range as we are – maybe more. The best thing is – they both use Filofaxes themselves so they can understand our passion.

Christophe is showing the new samples and catalogues to hundreds of people on Sunday at a fair in the Netherlands. All samples have been send to all distributors and so from there they will land at a retailer near you! Christophe is happy to share the information with us and was told by the management board that there is no non-disclosure period, so has shared this information on the Dutch Filofaxers Site and with my readers.

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I too hope there will be more colors in the Malden range, but I am very excited to learn that there is not only a red Original but also a deep Aqua Original! I have not seen pictures of the aqua…I suppose I should be glad if there aren’t more Maldens yet because I got my first Filofax last fall, and I wasn’t going to be one of those people with a lot of them. :p I do like to have a classy Filofax AND a fun one. So I suppose I’ll always have at least 2. 😉

  2. Thank you Chhristophe and Janet for this reveal of new organisers due to come out. I particularly like the news of the red and deep aqua Original and the 2-tone nappa leather one. Something to be saving for! Well done Janet for keeping quiet about it for so long. 🙂

    1. Mine to Helen! There are very few new products aimed more at men (Fusion is the only one I can immediately think of). But if you look at current paper-orientated blogs 95% of contributors (and therefore probably 95% of paper organiser users) are women.

    1. Tim! How naive of you… Don’t you realize that we are supposed to acclimatize ourselves to carrying hot pink, patent leather binders with pretty floral prints? Fashion forward being ever our watch word.

  3. But sadly it doesn´t look as though there are any new colour Maldens….or do I just need new glasses? Hoping that is the case, although I am still searching high and low for an A5 Vintage Pink one.
    Nappa leather sounds lovely.

    1. I’d love it if Filofax started making navy Maldens in all sizes/styles, not just the zip versions. Formal without being quite so sombre as the black.

  4. Thanks for the information Janet! The members of the Planner and Stationery Community (Australia and New Zealand) are eagerly watching your blogspot for more information!! 🙂

    1. Filofax has extended the Patent range from 2 to 6 models: next to the red and purple, there will be also a lime, black, lavender and pastel green.

  5. Pillar box red original – I love the sound of that! Sad that the green is being discontinued, it’s a lovely colour! The domino looks like it has the originals leather… It isn’t real leather is it?

    1. No,,the domino,is not made of leather. That makes the price so democratic. But she is beautifull, i must say.

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