HOTD #31 – Wera Brown Tote


This is a gorgeous bag that I bought in Åhléns (a Swedish mid-price department store). It was not expensive and is made of the most gorgeous leather. It is their own-brand, Wera.


Plain and simple good quality leather in the most beautiful rich warm brown. Unlined but has a detachable inner pouch with pockets, which forms an internal section to keep your goodies. I usually remove this as it clips onto studs and then runs down the middle of the bag. It also has a detachable shoulder strap. Two handles long enough for carrying on shoulder and in hand. Because of its boxy shape and A4 size I use it to carry my papers and books.


Amazing quality. Fits A4. Nice and spacious. Looks stunning. Not heavy. The leather is perfection and has worn like a dream. Everything stays where you put it. It is structured but not stiff. You can adjust the size by means of studs on the sides.


Maybe the open top.

I fell in love with this bag on a walk through the department store on the way to the underground . They are so well-made that each bag has its own individual leather patterns and striations so I went through the table looking for the best one. I eventually spotted it – on a shelf on the wall – way out of reach. There was no ladder, hooky pole or step to get at it. So I looked around and spotted a sullen emo/punk type mooching moodily around the Dr Martens section and asked him to get it for me. He looked horrified from the top of his spiky hair to the bottom of his ginormous hobnailed boots and said ‘but you have one’ – pointing to the one in my hand. He obviously felt that even talking to me would ruin his reputation. I firmly declared ‘but I want that one!’ and he meekly stood on his huge platform soles and got it down for me then scuttled off to safety. And that bag is perfection itself. Thank you sir!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Like you, if I have a choice of more than one, I have to pick “the best one”. The grain of the leather can make a big difference in how I like the particular item.

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